«The Ether» is a play, performed in Icelandic in the spring season of 2009 in the Icelandic National theatre. The monologue was acted by Thorir Sæmundsson, and was written by Thorvaldur Thorseinsson as an interwoven process with the scenic developments.

The play was directed and produced by Reinert Mithassel, and co-produced by the theatre. Main elements in the scenic presentations was music composed by Ulfur Eldjarn, videos made by Tinna Ludviksdottir, and set design by Carle Lange.

The play is now accessible in English as a written text in the book «Manifestations», translated from Icelandic by Brian FitzGibbons.

The play, and the performance of it is a hoax. The actor claims to be presenting his own life story, and is seemingly not very well rehearsed - and slowly turns out to not be going quite as seemingly planned, establishing a rather intimate setting with the audience.

For the staging in Reykjavik in 2009, the actor claimed to be the sole creator of the performance in the press, as well as in the theatre´s poster and program.

The play is about a young actor with troubling psychic powers, who tries to cope by making artistic expressions, and by striving to find scientific and statistical arguments to lessen the feeling of being «the chosen one».



        The Ether-collaboration  2008-2010